Restructuring and investments in special situations

The future viability of Aachen-based specialist devolo ensured

SOL Capital Management takes over significant parts of the operational business of industry leader devolo as part of an asset deal.

Increases in value from sustainable improvements

SOL Capital Management provides equity capital to companies in restructuring phases or special situations. As a minority or majority shareholder, our management team supports the management of the associated company or the previous group of shareholders in a challenging environment.

SOL Capital Management invests in industrial, production and service companies based in German-speaking countries with minimum sales of € 20 million.

Increased corporate value will be derived from sustainable improvements, such as finance restructuring, optimized internal processes and a new market presentation & strategy, as well as add-on acquisitions.

The Company

The experienced and proven SOL Capital Management team has been successfully operating in the DACH lower middle market for over 20 years.


The executive team of SOL Capital Management GmbH has been an equity investor in a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) since 1999.


The executive team of SOL Capital Management GmbH has successfully realised two investment funds. Both REB 1 (2000) and REB 2 (2007) were top performers in comparison to equivalent private equity funds.

Investment company SOL#3

SOL#3 will focus on turnarounds, complex carve-outs and other special situations in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), building on the restructuring and operational experience gained from REB 1 and REB 2.

We pursue an entrepreneurial approach in order to reorganize or restructure the companies together with the management, and then further expand them through organic and external growth, thus generating added value for all stakeholders involved.

We regularly work with experienced managers on our projects in order to be able to bring in our own as well as external know-how in a targeted manner. In doing so, we focus on achieving the goals and visions of companies sustainably.

SOL Capital Management has the liquid funds to finance SMEs in special situations as required. SOL Capital Management is backed by entrepreneurially orientated shareholders and does not take out any loans.

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