Investor agreement signed: alfer aluminium GmbH set to be acquired by SOL Capital Management

The Austrian financial investor SOL Capital Management has signed an investor agreement for the acquisition of alfer aluminium, a leading manufacturer of profiles, bars and systems made from aluminium based in Wutöschingen. The insolvency plan, which sets out the terms of the takeover, will now be submitted to the court and the creditors. SOL intends to acquire the business operations, properties, real estate, and employ all the staff in Wutöschingen.

“We are very pleased to have, together with SOL Capital Management, found a quick, professional, and forward-looking solution for our creditors, employees, and customers! It’s a milestone on our path to a successful restructuring. We also want to express our gratitude to our customers for their immense and highly supportive partnership during this challenging time for all of us,” stated alfer’s Managing Directors Martin Blatter and Markus Richter, who will continue to steer the alfer aluminium GmbH.

SOL is looking forward to a collaboration marked by respect, transparency, and professionalism with the management team. SOL aims to lead alfer aluminium back to its former strength and enable growth by aligning consistently and efficiently with market demands and investing in new products.